Our Products

Pure Stream Limited launches 5 flagship products for the market. They are streetautomatic water purifiers, medium-sized commercial water purifiers and desktop all-in-one water purifiers. The following are the application scenarios of the 5 water purification equipment.

Street automatic water purifier

This type of public welfare water purification equipment is used to put in residential areas where drinking water sources have health hazards. Purified water can be sold 24 hours a day, providing safe and reliable daily water to nearby residents at a low price, solving residents' health water problems, and helping to improve the city's image and residents' sense of happiness. It is a good public welfare project. The coverage range is 300-1000 households within 1-2 kilometers around.

Medium-sized commercial water purifier

This machine is a medium-sized commercial water purification equipment. It is used in densely populated places such as residential buildings, hospitals, government departments, commercial complexes, schools, gymnasiums, parks, etc. A pure water pipeline can be connected from the machine to allow users of the building to directly use safe and healthy pure water. Suitable for building complexes with 100-1000 people.

Commercial heating water purifier

This machine is a commercial water purification equipment. It is used in hospitals, government departments, schools and other places. Two water outlets of hot water and normal temperature water can be customized, and different sizes of equipment can be customized according to the number of people in the place. The installation is quick and convenient, so that users can use safe and healthy pure water anytime and anywhere without waiting. It is suitable for business meetings and various office places, and is suitable for placing in business places with 10-50 people.

Desktop all-in-one drinking water machine

This water purifier is a small household water purifier. The advantage of this machine is that it does not need to be connected to the water pipe, and it is equipped with a water storage tank, which is convenient for changing water. And has hot and cold water function, one-button heating and cooling pure water. No installation required, easy to change location and room. The usage scenarios are small gathering places such as offices, conference rooms, and families. It is suitable for mothers and babies to drink directly, and enhance the image of the meeting place. Room suitable for 2-10 people.

Household small water purifier

This water purifier is a small household water purifier. The machine needs to be connected to the water pipe and is usually installed in the kitchen. It can be installed once and used for a long time to provide safe and healthy pure water for every family member. The usage scenario is family. Suitable for mothers and babies to drink directly. Suitable for family use of 2-10 people.

About Our Machine

Environmentally friendly and healthy The PURE STREAM water vending machine is a very environmentally friendly and healthy machine. Unlike bottled purified water, it is not packaged and printed with an expiration date, which also reduces the pollution of plastic products.

Big Capacity The PURE STREAM water vending machine can provide safe drinking water for 300-1000 households within 1-2 kilometers of the surrounding area.

High technology The PURE STREAM water purification machine is equipped with the most advanced RO reverse osmosis membrane in the world. This machine purifies municipal water through 16 layers of filtration. The purity of the water can be comparable to or even exceed all bottled and barreled purified water currently available on the market.

Timeliness The PURE STREAM water machine allows users to clearly see how the purified water is produced in a timely manner and consumed immediately

How It Works

A water vending machine typically works in the following way:

Water source: The machine is connected to a water source, such as a municipal water supply or a well.

Filtration: To achieve safety and health goals, our water purifiers use the most advanced RO reverse osmosis technology to purify raw water. After 16 layers of filter element filtration treatment, the raw water can be purified into pure water. The bacteria, impurities, sediment, and other substances contained in the raw water will be filtered and discharged.

Storage: Filtered water is stored in storage tanks, typically made of food grade materials. In order to ensure the filtered water quality of the automatic drinking machine, the machine is equipped with ultraviolet disinfection and high concentration ozone disinfection equipment. Ultraviolet equipment can effectively protect filtered purified water and prevent secondary pollution. Ozone equipment disinfects the purified water stored in the water tank after purification, completely preventing bacterial contamination of the purified water.

Dispensing: When a customer approaches the machine, they can select the desired amount of water they wish to purchase and make the payment through a variety of methods, such as coins, bills, or a card reader. The machine then dispenses the water through a spigot or nozzle.

Sanitization: After each use, the dispensing area is typically sanitized to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. Overall, water vending machines provide a convenient and cost-effective way for people to access clean and safe drinking water, especially in areas where there may be limited or no access to clean water sources.

a diagram of a water filtration process
a diagram of a water filtration process


There are several benefits to using water vending machines, including:

• Health benefits: Water vending machines use advanced filtration technologies, such as activated carbon and reverse osmosis, to remove impurities and contaminants from the water, providing safe and healthy drinking water.

• Cost-effective: Water vending machines often offer water at a lower cost than bottled water, making it a more affordable option for many people.

• Convenience: Water vending machines provide a convenient way for people to access clean and safe drinking water anytime, anywhere, without having to carry heavy bottles or jugs.

• Environmental sustainability: By providing access to clean drinking water, water vending machines can help reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by bottled water.

• Accessibility: Water vending machines can be placed in a variety of locations, making it easier for people in rural or remote areas to access safe drinking water.